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accademia vine lodge

A meeting place open to everyone, especially to vineyard people, who will be able to live glocal experiences.

Located in Capriva del Friuli, in the heart of the prestigious Collio wine area, the ACCADEMIA VINE LODGE has a dual vocation: it is home to the educational activities of the VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy by SIMONIT&SIRCH and a hotel for students of the VMP ACADEMY and for tourists at the discovery of these enchanting hills of Friuli Venezia Giulia, internationally known for their excellent wines.

The ACCADEMIA VINE LODGE is located near the “Mario Schiopetto” Campus where the SIMONIT&SIRCH Method took shape more than 30 years ago and where the students of the VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy carry out the practical tests in the vineyard.


ACCADEMIA VINE LODGE offers its indoor and outdoor spaces with its large garden and the historic cellar for private and corporate events. It also has a professional and super equipped kitchen for catering.


Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch, born in 1966, from Friuli, lifelong business-partners and friends, founded SIMONIT&SIRCH thirty years ago.

SIMONIT&SIRCH is the only international group specializing in and accredited with manual vine pruning training.

The team teaches the SIMONIT&SIRCH PRUNING METHOD, that is based on four fundamental principles applicable across all vine training systems.

They designed and developed by SIMONIT&SIRCH aims to enhance vineyard know-how, to ensure the longevity of vineyards and to bring the vine into better productive and vegetative balance. The method is transferred, to the team of Pruners of individual companies, with a precise training path and tutorial system.

The teams work in the major wine-growing areas of the world, where they consult to 150 of the most prestigious companies and collaborates with many of the most renowned wine research institutes and universities. In 2009 it created the Italian Vine Pruning School, followed by Napa Valley Pruning School (Napa Valley College)UK Pruning School (Plumpton College)Rebschintt Schule (Hochschule GeisenheimUniversity) and the Hungarian Pruning School (Egger University).
In 2016, in collaboration with the ISVV, SIMOINT&SIRCH established the DUTE Diplôme Universitaire de Taille et Épamprage in Bordeaux, the only university Master’s degree for pruning and shoot thinning selection in the world.

In January 2021 they launched the VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy, the first online platform in the world entirely dedicated to training on vine pruning and vineyard people with a training course structured on several levels.

Marco Simonit has published two Vine Pruning Manuals, dedicated to Spurred Cordon and Guyot. The French version of the latter, “Guide pratique de la taille Guyot – Prévenir les maladies du bois”, in 2018 won the OIV 2018 International Award in the Viticulture section.

'Mario Schiopetto'

ACCADEMIA VINE LODGE is located near the Campus “Mario Schiopetto” where SIMONIT&SIRCH VINE PRUNING METHOD took shape more than 30 years ago and where students of the VINE MASTER PRUNERS Academy carry out the practical tests in the vineyard.


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ACCADEMIA VINE LODGE is easily accessible by car, train or plane.


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The Collio, the Colli Orientali del Friuli, the Brda with their renowned wineries


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